Recently and as far back as a year ago, we have seen Windows Defender and other antivirus programs quarantine FleXUI.exe.   It has happened with certain antivirus definitions, most likely because FleXUI.exe is connecting to the AVAirEngine using TCP/IP ports.


To resolve this issue:


  1. Restore and Allow the FleXUI.exe on Windows Defender

    Also, if you have the option to allow it, do so.

  2. Add c:\audiovau and the <x:>\AVVol1 folder (where X is the drive where AVvol1 resides) , if you have more than one drive with an AVVol1 folder, exclude each one, and do so on each computer as an exclusion to Windows Defender's or other Antivirus virus protection settings.


On Windows 10




See included video on how to restore, allow and exclude FleXUI.exe

Also available for Windows 10 is a Powershell script to add the exclusions to Windows Defenders, extract from Zip file to a temp folder, then right click and select Run with PowerShell