Avatar FM Direct Sampling Test Set – Quick Start Guide

Hardware and OS minimum requirements

• Windows 7 or Windows 10

• RAM: 4 GB

• CPU 2.5 GHz - 4 Core

• HD: 10 GB free

• Screen 1600x900


Software installation

1. Download the Avatar setup files here: Link

You will need Local Admin permissions to your PC in order to successfully complete this installation.

2. Connect the Signal Predator to an USB port of your PC checking on the back panel that the power switch is on. If the computer asks to search and install drivers, confirm it.


3.Launch the Avatar Setup software. Click Next.


4. Accept the default installation location. Click Install.

5. The installation routine will run through a number of screens, including a SQL Server setup.


 6.If you are connected to Internet the software will search for update of the SQL software. If you are not connected to the internet, the installation will continue with the current version.

 7. Click the Close Button when advised installation is complete.



 8. The software will now install the drivers for the hardware.



Do not disconnect the hardware even if requested. Click OK


At this stage you will have an icon on the desktop like this: 


9. Launch the Software from the desktop icon or from the installation directory 

(C:\Program Files (x86)\Elenos\Elenos Telemetria\schedule.exe).


10. Windows may display a Firewall Security alert. Click "Allow access".

11. When presented with the “Manutenzione” page, leave all boxes blank and click on “Salva”. Click the wrench icon in the instrument menu bar at the bottom of the screen.




12. The software will load and display an entry code page. Leave all digits at "0" and click "GO"


13. Connect an antenna to the Avatar and you are ready to receive a signal.


 14. The interface is very intuitive: simply select your desired frequency from the interface and click the triangular "play" button.


15. You can enter saved presets using the wrench icon.


16. Note that frequencies are entered in Hz (not MHz). Click "SALVA" button to save. 

Also note that the actual preset button names are offset: e.g., Preset M1 uses button M0. This will be corrected in a future SW release.

17. In the U.S.A, you should set De Emphasis to 75 µs.  (Wrench icon > Graph tab

Download Avatar Setup Software