May 23, 2008

Importer Release notes for version 3.0.5


  • Summary of features and enhancements for 3.0.5:


1. Disabled Exit Button on Ibiquity Applications

2. Show Trace Log is disabled when trace log is not enabled in idi.ini

3. Current configuration is displayed in Heads up Display

4. HD1 Gauge is not hard coded it gets its value from the database

5. Adobe Acrobat added to setup

6. SPS clients now wait for Ibiquity application to go to “Ready State” for improved  launching

7. Dithering can be turned on and off via idi.ini (DitherPercent= this value can be between 0 and 20)

8. There is an improved Optimization feature for the SPS Client buffer.

Implementation of 3.05 iBiquity Code

Added Features include:

1. Support for Conditional Access Service(CAS)

2. Support for Electronic Programming Guide(EPG)

3. Support for UFID tagging

4. Minimum Bit-rate for MPS service now is 32Kbps vs. 48Kbps

Associated documentation to assist in the Installation of 3.0.5:
597-2010-004 – Software Upgrade Application Guide

2. 597-2010-006 – Quick Installation Application Guide
STS-02-2005 – Importer WebAdmin Guide