MIB files are dependent on the firmware of your transmitter.  Please download the appropriate zip file for your transmitter.

MIBs for Telemetry version 1.06, 1.07. 1.08. and 1.09+ are available below.

You can check the Telemetry version of firmware from your ETG Web UI:

Each zip package of MIBs contains multiple files.

Always load the ELENOS-PRO-MAIN-xxx.MIB into your SNMP utility first, then load the appropriate secondary file:

  • ELENOS-PRO-INDIUM-SERIES-xxx for Indium / ETG models (20W - 5000W)
  • ELENOS-PRO-COMBO-xxx for combined models (10kW - 30kW)
  • xxx-CHANGEOVER-*** for changeover systems
  • xxx-INDIUM-xxx-CDR-*** is only for specialized markets