This is the latest software update for MEX (Genesis, Thalna, Alpan) exciters using ATSC1 broadcast standard.


  1. Download the attached tgz file to your PC
  2. Login to the webUI of your Exciter with admin credentials
  3. Click the System menu button > Maintenance > SW Upgrade
  4. Click the Browse button and located the downloaded tgz file.
  5. Click the upload button.

The file will upload, be installed and the exciter will reboot.  

To ensure that both software images stored on the modulator card are updated to latest version, the update procedure must be carried out twice. That is, when the modulator unit has re-booted following the first uploading of the software (and completed the GPS update if applicable), the upload procedure must be repeated a second time.

Note 1 : 

When you load the new software onto a unit that also includes the GNSS option PT3711, then it is essential to note, that the update might also push new FW to the GPS receiver chipset (the chipset manufacturer’s latest update) depending on the status of the current GNSS firmware.


The update of the GPS receiver chipset happens after the modulator has rebooted automatically following the first loading of the new modulator software. The process will be highlighted by a caption/notice** that will appear in the WEB GUI after the reboot (see illustration below). It’s very important not to power off the unit and not to force a reboot of the unit, until the loading of the GPS is completed. The caption/notice is removed from the WEB GUI automatically as soon as the GPS update is completed.




Release Notes