This software provides a detailed view of settings and measurements in the UHF/VHF HPA.

A USB-A to USB-A cable is required to connect your PC to the front USB-port of the amplifier.

Quick Start:

  1. Unzip HPAFU_READONLY.ZIP to a temporary location
  2. Run setup.exe from the \Library Setup folder.  Accept all defaults.  If prompted, keep existing (newer) versions of files.
  3. Copy \HPAFU_RO_V3.5 folder to Desktop or other preferred location
  4. Install USB Drivers.  Select appropriate OS from \USB Driver folder.  Right-click on .inf file, select Install.  Win10 has 2 x .inf files to install).
  5. Connect USB cable to PC and HPA.  Open Windows Device Manager, browse to Ports (COM & LPT) section to confirm port assignment.
  6. Browse to the 'HPAFU_RO_V3_5' folder on your PC and run 'HPAV305_READONLY.exe'.
  7. Open Port > COM Properties and select the port identified in Step 5 above.  

        8.    Select correct HPA type from HPA Menu (Air-cooled = THALNA, Liquid-cooled = NORTHIA)

        9.    Click the "START COMM" icon to communicate with the HPA

        10.  The Utility will begin to display data collected from the HPA