You can configure your Elenos FM Transmitter to send email alerts using SMTP2GO by using the following settings:

  1. Login to your SMTP2GO account, or create a new one if not already done.
  2. Go to Settings > Manage SMTP Users > Add SMTP User
  3. Enter a Username and password, then click Add SMTP User
  4. Note the listed SMPT Settings:
  5. Log into your Elenos Transmitter using the Admin account
  6. Click the Configuration Wrench icon > Events > Senders
  7. Click the Email > Yellow configure cog icon
  8.  Configure the Sender email information as follows.  The FROM field must be the same email address you use to login to your SMPTP2GO account. Click Save.
  9. Return to ETG Configuration > Events > Destinations.  CLick the Add button.  Add a description, change the Sender to "email", add in your desired recipient email address.  Click Save.
  10. Ensure there is a green check mark next to the new destination.  
  11. Go to ETG Configuration > Events > Profiles.  Ensure there is a green check next to the profile as well as any recipients to receive alerts Ensure there is a green check mark next to the new destination.  
  12. Test your setup by creating an alarm condition on your transmitter (reducing the target power to the lowest allowable value will usually work).
  13. To assist with troubleshooting, your SMTP2GO Dashboard will display any emails sent through their server.  If there is nothing listed, confirm your settings, and that the SMTP port you selected is open for outbound connections on your router / firewall / ISP.